New England Photo Shoot and Panoramic VR Photography

On a photo shoot in New England in between the quagmire and hustle of traffic and people, a few places worthy of Panoramic VR were found.  I used a modified 303plus Pano head which gave me the capability of using a fisheye lens and reduced the weight I needed to carry.  When clicking or selecting […]

Panoramic VR Photography-Bogan 303plus Head Modification

I have been shooting Panoramic VR Photography since Apple introduced it in 1997. The basic idea in QTVR was that you now could make 360 degree panoramas by stitching several images together using computer software instead of using special cameras.

I have gone through two 303plus Pano heads. I shot mostly 360 Projections. Due to my […]

The Photography and Graphic Design in Making a CD

The concept of the CD design began in Cleveland. The eyes were photographed in the studio with only north light coming in from the windows, and a macro lens was used. I wanted the lighting flat in order to add or subtract in Photoshop any possible venues for changes ahead.

This is […]