Native American Indian Blankets – Coffee Table Book

Finally after years of work with Barry Friedman, the coffee table book [Still Chasing Rainbows] is published and available on Amazon.
I had the pleasure of photographing over 700 Indian blankets and items. The book contains 315 color photographs and 95 black and white illustrations in 304 pages. Besides shooting the images I was able to do […]

Photographing American Indian Trade & Camp Blankets


Barry Friedman is the world’s foremost authority on antique Indian blankets, and a former Hollywood comedy writer.  Barry published his book “Chasing Rainbows: Collecting American Indian Trade & Camp Blankets” in 2002 and hired me to do the photography and graphic design for his new book on the subject.  We’ve had a great time doing this project and if we […]

The Photography and Graphic Design in Making a CD

The concept of the CD design began in Cleveland. The eyes were photographed in the studio with only north light coming in from the windows, and a macro lens was used. I wanted the lighting flat in order to add or subtract in Photoshop any possible venues for changes ahead.

This is […]