Time Lapsing from the Ground Up

We specialize in long term time lapse projects. A total of somewhere around 44,000 high resolution images between two camera systems captured the project. Our camera systems are self contained weather proof and can run completely solar when necessary. We can program the system to wake, shoot and sleep even shut down for weekends.

Another Arlington Time Lapse project. This will be the construction of a brand new home from the ground up. Ken Epstein and I are using our intelligent hi rez time lapse cameras to capture this long term project.

Home construction progress video shot with an iPhone and a DJI drone. It is not about the camera you use, it is about the visuals you create. Edited in FCPX.


We take our drone flying seriously. There are many ways to tell a story, and many ways to use the technology to get the job done. I like to say I augment websites with video and still images to give my clients the best visuals in enhancing their marketing goals.

A&W Root Beer pour

This is just a little quickie we filmed for FB ads. We used a Black Magic camera and built the set with plenty of room in mind. It was a lot of fun pouring and especially drinking in between takes of this wonderful Root Beer.




Time Lapse Bathroom Remodel

These time lapse videos that we produce are very effective for our clients. There is a lot of work and artistry involved in the construction of a remodel.
This is a total construction remodel time lapse. Shot with Canon T series cameras. Utilizing 2,600 high rez images and edited with Final Cut Pro X.

Santa Fe house adding environment to the story

As usual, We want to tell a story with video. Besides showing the interior and the exterior the environment surrounding is just as important. In this video we tried to show the space around the house. Sunsets, landscape, and even the wildlife that can travel or stop by. I have been using the DJI mobile lately with some good success. We used it as smooth transitions through open doors and around interior details that are important to any house. Editing was done with FCPX. Yes, this house sold!

Juvo Product Video

A quick little product video of a very interesting watch winder. we pulled out all the stops and brought out all the sliders and jibs to create as much motion as we could. This product was highly reflective and fun to light. shot with a Black Magic camera and LED lighting. Edited with FCP-X.

This is an image of one of the products we shoot for juvoluxury.com watch winders. You can view all our product shots here.

Rig Rack Product Video

We wanted to make this video a fast paced story teller to promote a wonderful healthful product. We introduced a lot of time lapse footage to show the ease in setting this product up. A drone was used to show motion view with a fun workout adventure. A combination of Canon, Blackmagic, and iPhone footage was used. The audio was done on location with just two takes.

Time Lapse install

One of our specialty’s is producing time lapse video for our clients. We take great pride in producing high quality and high resolution time lapse. We shot this on a day when the temperature was 110 degrees in the shade, and our cameras worked flawlessly in this hostile environment.This video shows the install of a rooftop air conditioning unit. We also do long term construction time lapse which might take months and over a year to capture. On this day we incorporated the use of Canon dslr’s for the main shots. We also shot video with a Black Magic camera and added some tight shots using GoPro. All editing was done with FCP X.

The Porch

We had the chance to do a public service announcement video for Furyarms. Whether you agree or disagree with this, it was a pleasure to produce this type of video.  I wanted the feel to build through out the 60 seconds and to reveal its message at the end. We used Black Magic and GoPro cameras. all the editing was done in FCP X. We had to create the feel of a beautiful Summer day with emphasis on relaxing in a porch setting. Besides the camera moves with dolly and jib the sound design became the focal point in capturing the feel of a perfect Summer day. We sampled most of our sound foley’s  our self as we worked the storyboard. The key to this was to gather as many sounds of Summer as we could to enhance the typical neighborhood setting. I had a lot of fun working and editing the sound design.

Light Painting Interiors

Painting with light. Showing a simple transition of how we paint with light. No HDR, no outside light sources brought in.
I prefer to shoot with available light, I still strive to get the best shadow and highlight detail. With all the bracketed assets captured I can
then begin to paint my lighting in. I prefer to have total control of the image to add drama and focus to the composition and or subject matter.

Four Page Magazine Spread


Had the opportunity to shoot a four page spread for Phoenix Home and Garden magazine.These four page spreads are not very common for any magazine. The good thing about it was shooting one complete panoramic interior.The image resolution had to be very high to stretch the width of the four pages. My associate Ken Epstein and I thought the best way to accomplish this was to use the Canon 24mm tilt shift lens. I do not like to use HDR software anymore and have not for a long time. I just need to bracket my exposures to get the shadow highlight detail needed for post. I shot three different views in succession with enough brackets. Photoshop came in and stitched the pano perfectly. I shot the twilight image at sunrise and this is one of my favorites. Besides the four pages the front and back of these pages added more images including the twilight shot.You can view the complete pano and twilight on my website at francosalle.com
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