360 HDR Virtual World Interactive Multimedia

(click image to start)            We believe this interactive multimedia will provide substantial marketing potential for advertising small business or corporations.


Time Lapse Video Solar Farm


Frank Salle, in association with CBP/ Corporate Photography began principal photography on location in Arizona’s Solar Overlay Zone for Solon Corporation & McCarthy Construction in April 2011.




The assignment will document the 8 month development and construction of the 18MW solar photovoltaics plant just outside Gila Bend for Arizona Public Service (APS). […]

360 HDR Panoramic Moving Video Clip (Panorama into a Movie)

HDR 360’s are interesting to create, and move in and out of. I found that shooting video and HDR 360’s would somehow compliment each other if the Panoramic became a story within a story. Besides shadow and highlight detail, Panoramic shots can be used to focus attention by panning into and out of the shot. […]

Lake Havasu City London Bridge 360 Panoramic

This is one of my favorite places. I decided to do a full HDR 360 to capture the essence of the  London Bridge located in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Most of the images of this bridge are shot at night or the golden hour before sunset. To capture a different view, I decided to add […]

Shooting Panoramic Photography in 360 HDR

I like the challenge of shooting a 360 Panoramic with HDR and adding models. This client also requested the height to be able to see above the pool elevation. I normally use a fisheye 15mm in these situations but due to the height, 24 to 30mm worked out to be the best. Adding models with […]

Radisson Fort Mcdowell Resort 360 HDR Panoramic

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Capitol Theatre Architectural Shoot

When I’m shooting architectural photography, there is nothing better than being able to photograph the before and after of the project. My client, Marous Brothers Construction, with their Design/Build Division, and as one of its biggest supporters, did an outstanding job in bringing back this building which was built in 1921 and shuttered for decades […]

Photographing Football Fields

As an architectural photographer photographing a football field means being really creative. We are not talking about a stadium with elevations we are talking about a field. The obvious way would be to add  height into the image as to shoot above, capturing the expansive flat plane of the perspective. When height is […]

New England Photo Shoot and Panoramic VR Photography

On a photo shoot in New England in between the quagmire and hustle of traffic and people, a few places worthy of Panoramic VR were found.  I used a modified 303plus Pano head which gave me the capability of using a fisheye lens and reduced the weight I needed to carry.  When clicking or selecting […]

Panoramic VR Photography-Bogan 303plus Head Modification

I have been shooting Panoramic VR Photography since Apple introduced it in 1997. The basic idea in QTVR was that you now could make 360 degree panoramas by stitching several images together using computer software instead of using special cameras.

I have gone through two 303plus Pano heads. I shot mostly 360 Projections. Due to my […]