Photographing Football Fields

As an architectural photographer photographing a football field means being really creative. We are not talking about a stadium with elevations we are talking about a field. The obvious way would be to add  height into the image as to shoot above, capturing the expansive flat plane of the perspective. When height is not an option, angles need to come into play. The rule of thirds takes on a whole new meaning. Here we are dealing with a flat area, 360 feet long and 120 feet wide, and shooting ground level for the most part. When the field is new, texture and lines help with the composition. Shooting on a day with clouds adds drama and helps with perspective.

I have photographed quite a few of these fields. The best way, when height is absolutely not an option, is to shoot in Virtual Reality 360 Panoramic. This gives the client the ability to zoom, view texture, and capture the essence of the flat plane perceptive.

To view this panoramic 360 VR




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