Four Page Magazine Spread


Had the opportunity to shoot a four page spread for Phoenix Home and Garden magazine.These four page spreads are not very common for any magazine. The good thing about it was shooting one complete panoramic interior.The image resolution had to be very high to stretch the width of the four pages. My associate Ken Epstein and I thought the best way to accomplish this was to use the Canon 24mm tilt shift lens. I do not like to use HDR software anymore and have not for a long time. I just need to bracket my exposures to get the shadow highlight detail needed for post. I shot three different views in succession with enough brackets. Photoshop came in and stitched the pano perfectly. I shot the twilight image at sunrise and this is one of my favorites. Besides the four pages the front and back of these pages added more images including the twilight shot.You can view the complete pano and twilight on my website at
opened pageback fullout Exterior

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