This is how we produce things...

This is a glimpse of the teamwork involved in producing National Television Commercials.

Frank Salle and Keith Berr are long time friends and are now collaborating with their intense background of photographic knowledge, creating National Television Commercials. As a team they have the ability to handle any situation that gets placed before them and have formed an alliance to create seamlessly great film work. They have what it takes to makes it look simple and elegant.

Frank Salle is a national, commercial photographer with over twenty-five years of proven work and is based in Phoenix Arizona.
His assignments for magazines and advertising include corporate, architecture, high quality 360 panoramic, lifestyle, product, medical, time-lapse video, video production and he
specializes in multimedia and digital solutions.

Keith Berr is an international advertising, commercial and fine art photographer, with studio locations in Cleveland Ohio and Santa Fe New Mexico.
His assignments and personal projects allow him to capture vistas, people, food and native flair around the world. He has been inducted into the Cleveland Advertising Associates Hall of Fame and recently was named one of the top 10 photographers in the United States, by the American Society of Media Photographers. Keith believes that light is what makes a photograph great and he utilizes natural or created light, in the formation of his art.
His favorite quote reads: ‘Amateurs worry about equipment, Professionals about time, Masters worry about light.’

Frank feels that it’s all about lighting…

The language we use is communicated through our vision and how we paint, add or subtract light. light has terrific capabilities and abundant qualities. Lighting is an art and an expressive tool. We use light to bring out color and movement and then we transform this to form, features and function.
Our Client’s vision is extremely important to the process and us.

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