The Making of a Commercial Web Video

On this project, my partner John Trotto and I were contracted for a combined video/photography shoot in Los Angeles, CA. The client, L.A. Spas, required 32 product shots in their manufacturing plant including underwater photos of the spa jets. We accomplished this in two full days of shooting. The sales video, which will be¬†played on […]

Shooting Panoramic Photography in 360 HDR

I like the challenge of shooting a 360 Panoramic with HDR and adding models. This client also requested the height to be able to see above the pool elevation. I normally use a fisheye 15mm in these situations but due to the height, 24 to 30mm worked out to be the best. Adding models with […]

Shooting HDR Photography

Quite a few photographers and clients ask me how I shoot in HDR or High Dynamic Range. I shot a little video in Sedona’s West Fork Oak Creek Trail which I found to be the perfect situation. The high canyon walls offer a striking contrast between the sky above and the canyon floor below. The […]