Time Lapsing from the ground up

We specialize in long term time lapse projects. A total of somewhere around 44,000 high resolution images between two camera systems captured the project. Our camera systems are self contained weather proof and can run completely solar when necessary. We can program the system to wake, shoot and sleep even shut down for weekends.

Another Arlington Time Lapse project. This will be the construction of a brand new home from the ground up. Ken Epstein and I are using our intelligent hi rez time lapse cameras to capture this long term project.

Home construction progress video shot with an iPhone and a DJI drone. It is not about the camera you use, it is about the visuals you create. Edited in FCPX.


We take our drone flying seriously. There are many ways to tell a story, and many ways to use the technology to get the job done. I like to say I augment websites with video and still images to give my clients the best visuals in enhancing their marketing goals.

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