Auto Draft

I shot this video in Cleveland, Ohio. This is a wonderful unique business that can pack and ship anything.

This was a full Multimedia shoot. We did interiors, exteriors, environmental 360, corporate head shots of all employes, group shots, vehicle, HDR, and a multitude of any sorts of assets I could think of. The more assets I have, the more options I have when I’m editing the clips.

Incorporating time lapse into fabricating crates was very interesting. Most of all the images and clips were shot with the Canon 5d. The time lapse footage was done with Canon and GoPro. The assembly of the crates took less then thirty minutes. I found the GoPro to be the savior in this multi-cam setup. The frame interval on both cameras was 2 seconds. I needed to keep these clips short, with enough handles to ease the editing options. Most of the post was done in Lightroom and edited in Final Cut Pro X.

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